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Fastest Electric Scooters

Electric scooters aren’t only great fun, but great forms of practical personal transport. Obviously everyone can purchase an electric scooter, but what you actually want is to purchase the fastest electric scooter 2019. Clearly owning one of the worlds fastest electric scooters isn’t for everybody however it definitely provides the rider a thrill like no other. Riding at that speed on 2 tiny wheels is nothing in need of remarkable.

With a charge time of as little as 5 hours you can be sure that the NANROBOT LS7 is more than able to provide the rider with a whole day of fun filled and thrilling riding from a single charge. You just get home on an evening, put this electric scooter on charge and the next morning you’re good to for a further 56 miles. The NANROBOT LS7 options 2 1800 W electrical motors giving a combined total of 3600 W. One electric motor provides power to each wheel that makes this an all wheel drive electric scooter that’s more than capable of performing equally well on road and off road.

As you’d imagine travelling at a top speed of over 50mph on an electric scooter takes nerves of steel so it’s good to know that the NANROBOT LS7 comes loaded with lots of high performance safety features. Huge 11 inches pneumatic tyres along with a capable rear and front suspension implies that irrespective of the terrain or the speed you’re travelling the NANROBOT LS7 soaks up every obstacle on the road and offers a very commutable riding experience. A welcome feature for any device whizzing a rider on at such eye watering speeds. Regardless of the NANROBOT LS7s astonishing ability to reach such high speeds and robust design it’s still lightweight.

Definitely not the lightest of electric scooters, but you may still carrying it around easy enough particularly since it bends down to a nice tidy size for transportation and storage. If hell raising mind blowing top speeds are what you’re searching for then this is most definitely the fastest electric scooter 2019 that you should be looking to purchase. Eye Watering Fast – Price – Incredible Range Between Charges – Dual Suspension – Emergency Braking System – If you’re searching for the fastest electric scooter 2019 a very useful competitor on any persons list should mots definitely be the NanRobot D5+. This is an electric scooter that’s capable of reaching as a top speed of 40mph which is sufficient to get the adrenaline pumping for all, but the most steel nerved of electric scooter riders.

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